Herriman Youth Baseball Code of Conduct

Herriman Youth Baseball Code of Conduct:

Sportsmanship is defined in this way: "Someone who plays fair, sticks to the rules and accepts defeat without any rancor or bitterness. On the field, a good sport plays hard and tries his or her absolute best to win within the scope of the rules. A good sport doesn't complain to the officials, doesn't "trash talk" and helps an opponent who falls down get back to his or her feet. When all is said and done, this person has no regrets. The athlete put forth his or her best effort and played fairly, earning the admiration and respect of teammates, coaches, officials and opposing players. Despite being a true competitor, this person is willing to openly congratulate opponents and accept even the most bitter of outcomes, because he or she knows that there was nothing more that could have been done within rules of the game to change the end result." Cal Ripken, Jr.

The following Code of Conduct has been adopted by Herriman Youth Baseball and all players, coaches, parents, and spectators will be held to it. Please read and adhere to the following:

  • Be a positive role model for the players in our league and demonstrate fair play and sportsmanship to all players.
  • Coaches have tremendous influence, for either positive or negative, on the education of the player and, thus, shall never place the value of winning above the value of instilling the highest ideals of character.
  • Always remember that this is youth baseball and that the game is for children and not for adults.
  • Learn the Herriman Youth Baseball league rules. Rules of play are based on the National Federation of State High School (NFHS) rules, not MLB.
  • Respect and support all game officials. Each umpire has attended training, spent many hours learning NFHS rules and received certification from our League Umpire Director. When an umpire makes a difficult judgment call, do not indulge in conduct which would demean or ridicule an umpire, player, spectator, Herriman Youth Baseball staff, or other attendee.
  • Place the emotional and the physical wellbeing of all participants ahead of a personal desire to win.

Conduct subject to discipline:

  • Making physical contact with any opposing coach, umpire, Herriman Youth Baseball staff, or spectator.
  • Taunting or threatening any player, coach, umpire, Herriman Youth Baseball staff, or spectator.
  • Using profane and/or vulgar language or mannerisms.
  • Not leaving the field or premises when instructed to do so.
  • Being involved in any activity that would warrant the summoning of law enforcement officials.

Herriman Youth Baseball Staff and League Officials reserve the right to eject any offender from the facility or to suspend the offender from future Herriman Youth Baseball games who violates any provision of the Code of Conduct.